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    Soft Services

    Here at Apic Managers, our tailored offerings encompass a spectrum of essential services designed to enhance your environment. From routine to specialized cleaning, our dedicated team ensures immaculate spaces that reflect your commitment to excellence. Caretaking and portering services prioritize the well-being of your premises, while grounds maintenance transforms your outdoor spaces into vibrant and welcoming areas.

    We go beyond waste disposal, providing sustainable solutions through efficient recycling practices. Security is at the forefront of our services, creating a safe and protected environment for your facility. Our catering services elevate the culinary experience, while pest control ensures a pest-free environment for all.

    Prioritizing health and safety, we offer comprehensive services that contribute to a secure and compliant space. Efficient space management and the meticulous care of furniture and equipment round out our Soft Service Solutions, creating an environment where every detail is considered, and every service is delivered with excellence.


    • Cleaning including (routine and specialized)
    • Caretaking and Portering
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Waste disposal and recycling
    • Security
    • Catering
    • Pest control
    • Health and Safety services
    • Space management
    • Furniture and Equipment